Scottish Rite calendars


The Valley of Bellingham Scottish Rite Masons have organized the calendars of many Masonic Concordant Bodies into a single CalendarWiz database.    These calendars are shown at the left for your information.   Each calendar has the contact person listed and the various details about the meeting.


2015 - 2016 Calendar Planning

To best facilitate the planning activity of the Valley of Bellingham, the panning meeting was held on July 8th and the Orient calendar is now updated to reflect the next year's worth of events.

Orient of Washington Calendar

In addition to the SR calendars maintained here, Illustrious Al Jorgensen, S.G.I.G. sponsors a CalendarWiz calendar for all valleys in the Orient of Washington.   Check out the other calendars in our state.

Managing the CalendarWiz Calendars

One simple loggin to our Member Area gains access to adding or changing website content and the CalendarWiz calendars.  Click here to get started.


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