The photo shows our Honormen and their escorts that were inducted as Knights of the Knights Commander of the Court of Honor in at the Valleyof Tacomaon October 27, 2001. Those inducted were Steve Cronkhite, 32° KCCH, Daniel Lesage**, 32° KCCH, and G. Winton Smith, 32° KCCH. Lloyd Linn, 32° KCCH was inducted at the 200th Anniversary of the Scottish Rite in Charleston, North Carolina in September.

In the Photo from the left are: Dan Lesage**, 32° KCCH; Wayne Deming, 33°; "Swede" Hanson**, 32°KCCH; Marion Windell, 33°; and Jim Moen, 33°. In the back row from the left are: G. Winton Smith, 32° KCCH; Lloyd Linn, 32° KCCH; and Steve Cronkhite, 32° KCCH.