Almoners Fund

Charity is the great virtue of mankind and our Valley practices this virtue through our Almoner's Fund.  At each meeting of the Bodies, and through bequests and other gifts, the Almoner's Fund is nourished.  Monies collected go directly to those who are in real distress.  Not one cent of the fund goes for administrative cost.


The generosity of the Brethren giving these donations makes it possible to provide assistance to those in need of emergency assistance with the basic necessities of life - food, clothing, and shelter.


All donations and disbursements are accounted for in the Almoner's Fund Account and all grants from the Almoner's Fund are used entirely for charitable assistance in the community. Worthy distressed recipients are gifted discretely. 


If you know of anyone who is in need of discrete relief, ill, or in a nursing home or hospital, please let me know so I can send them a card or pay them a visit.  May God be with you.