3 Ways to Access CalendarWiz via Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

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The CalendarWiz Mobile interface allows users to view, add, and edit events in CalendarWiz via Smartphone, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry OS 6 and more. Please note that this is not an "app" but rather a browser-based interface.

To access your Mobile Calendar via Smartphone:

  1. Open your Smartphone browser and enter the following link.

    Select the "CalendarWiz Mobile" viewer when prompted.

  2. Login to your calendar using your normal screen name and password.
If you didn't get prompted to go to the Mobile Calendar, use the following link to access the Mobile calendar directly:


Android Users can create a shortcut icon for your Home Screen:

Open Mobile Calendar in browser -> Tap the Menu button -> Tap "Add Bookmark"
Next, long press (for a few seconds) a blank spot on your desktop and click the Add Shortcut button.
Then select your calendar bookmark.

iPhone Users can create an icon for your Home Screen:

Tap the sign at the bottom of your iPhone
-> Select "Add to Home Screen" -> Name Calendar -> Click Add
The CalendarWiz icon will appear in your iPhone desktop. Mobile Navigation Instructions:

  • Bold days have events in them that may be viewed with a simple click.
  • Add events to your calendar by clicking the "+" on the calendar navigation bar
  • Navigation arrows allow you to go from month to month. Click "Today" to return to the current month.
  • Day view: click on an event to view the event details and description. Use the "Done" button to return to month view.
For more information on options for viewing the calendar via your specific smartphone, click on a link below: